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Investment beliefs

Investors set out to achieve their objectives in a variety of ways reflecting the beliefs (or philosophies) they have about investing. DWC finds that clearly expressing and promulgating these beliefs can assist fiduciaries, and those that act on their behalf, to prioritise investment activities and ensure alignment between investor objectives and the investment apparatus.

Decision support

In a perfect world, it would be possible to achieve all investment objectives simultaneously. Using advanced technical skills, DWC can assist investment decision-makers to make optimal trade-offs between the many competing objectives facing the fiduciary body.

We are independent and do not research or make recommendations about specific investment managers or financial products. Therefore, the decision support we provide is free from the conflicts of interest that characterise the financial industry.

Second opinions

Fiduciaries are sometimes required to make significant decisions on behalf of members, while facing significant uncertainty and attempting to evaluate alternative points of view. DWC provides independent second opinions to fiduciaries to attempt to resolve matters that are contested or controversial.

Independent fiduciary expertise

Boards of Trustees or Investment Committees sometimes see the merit in engaging independent expertise to bring new perspectives to the board table and/ or raise capability. DWC’s combination of financial expertise, breadth of experience, and independence can assist investment decision making bodies fulfil their important role on behalf of beneficiaries.

Capability building

Leveraging off significant experience as educators in the university and corporate education arenas, DWC is able to develop customised curricula to build capability for audiences of any size with subject matter needs ranging from the basics to post-doctoral level.

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