Drew, Walk & Co. (DWC) was formally established as a partnership in late 2012 by Dr Michael E. Drew and Dr Adam N. Walk after a number of years working as colleagues in the financial and university sectors.



DWC’s establishment was inspired by three things.

Firstly, Drew and Walk share the belief that in the field of finance the academic and practitioner worlds (should) complement each other. Practitioners usually make better decisions having had formal training, and academic research is more useful with a basis in reality – a true nexus between academe and practice.

Secondly, superannuation – or “pensions” for those outside of Australia – is one of the most important issues in modern Australian life, with political, public policy and personal dimensions and ramifications. Australia’s pool of retirement savings is now larger than its annual Gross Domestic Product. As such, superannuation and associated disciplines deserve close attention.

And lastly, the financial sector has over time moved to corporate models of ownership where the distance between the owner of the financial firm and the client has grown. In our view, this increased remoteness has led to a number of undesirable consequences:

  • A weakening of the fiduciary outlook, where the interests of the client are prioritised above other interests;
  • A rise of a narrow economic focus in business relationships; and
  • A rapid and dramatic fall in the regard in which financial services professionals are held.

DWC sets out to offer an alternative. We strive to offer:

  • Expertise born of a rare combination of advanced training and significant commercial experience;
  • A model where clients deal with the principals of the business;
  • Disciplined fiduciary thinking, where we act in the interests of our clients first and foremost; and
  • An outlook where success is defined as more than just financial performance.
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