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“AustralianSuper has reported -2.7% (balanced option) for the year ended June 30, heralding what is expected to be a year of losses for pension funds for only the fifth time since compulsory superannuation began in July 1992” ⁦⁦@FinancialReviewafr.com/companies/fina…

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Combining scientific methodologies with creative approaches to solve investment problems for our clients.


A heritage of producing rigorous and actionable applied financial research.


Assisting fiduciaries to make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Dr Michael E. Drew

Michael is a leader in the field of superannuation and pension fund design, with over 20 years' experience in financial services and academe.

Dr Adam N. Walk

Adam is a financial economist with over 20 years' experience in investment and risk management roles.

Drew, Walk & Co. (DWC) was formally established as a partnership in late 2012 by Dr Michael E. Drew and Dr Adam N. Walk after a number of years working as colleagues in the financial and university sectors.

DWC sets out to offer an alternative. We strive to offer:

  • Expertise born of a rare combination of advanced training and significant commercial experience;
  • A model where clients deal with the principals of the business;
  • Disciplined fiduciary thinking, where we act in the interests of our clients first and foremost; and
  • An outlook where success is defined as more than just financial performance.
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